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meno male mia mamma è farmacista perché quando sto ammerda e zero droga posso frugare nella sua scatola magica delle droghe legali per vedere se qualche sedativo me lo posso anche calare..

Anonymous: Sei bellissima ,perché ti rovini così?


grazie… una domanda di riserva non ce l’hai? …della bellezza non te ne fai nulla se poi dentro sei vuoto

puttana la madonna non avresti potuto dirlo meglio..

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shittiest poSt #1

never felt this bad in my life. writing this post as my tears lye on my checks.
crying my eyes out so bad because there’s nothing more hurtful than seeing someone you used to love running.away from your hands.
what’s the point of telling me all those lovely and cute stuff if right now you don’t seem to care at all. why are u this confused? god why..
stop hurting ppl ,it’s bad
and this story is leading me back to my eating disorder all over again (46kgs) + 100 drops of benzos: wanna take more

60 drops of benzos are not enough

love benzoooosssss

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today i decided to try benzos for the first time: 40 drops of benzos and now Im feeeeelin fucking goood. everything’s so freaking slooow.
wanna live like this forever

maybe I’m gonna get ten more in a couple of minutes. yea.